08 May 2012



Over the galaxy aims to "Battle Bomber" Number one!
Pull the fellow put also "friend" also "enemy", a large brawl "Bomberman body × 100"! !

♪ Bomberman Wars action game to battle 100 people become friends and enemy players and spread across the country
Or competed with the rankings, let's fast forward a stage while collecting the costume!
It is advanced the game even a little spare time!

Features of the game;
★ Battle of the screen violently in a body of up to 100 "body (NPC) 95 enemy" VS "body + body Bomberman 4 a friend of the player to manipulate the" mode "War 100" is!
Star ★ progress in various battle spread to "Galactic Bomber". I Kiwameyo the "Battle Bomber" and "! Domination" each stage!
★ for the experience level up in the "Battle 6 people." Advantageous to try to fight to customize to suit your own tastes the parameters of the "duration" Fire "" bomb "" Speed ​​""!
★ or invited to "friend" the other players, can be an ally to "under" a defeated opponent! I give support by throwing an item from the outside of the regular field if you register!
★ Get the "costume Panel" from the treasure box! Throw it in the hand a costume collect all six panels of the same kind!

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*all was in Japanesse language
*need internet connection

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