21 August 2016


Box reference no MX-J16.

There is 4 set in total, but imho, this figure is the best one than other.
The idea is make 2 in 1 minifigure.

Here what you meet inside the box(the snack behind was not inclulded),

Hmm..pretty full inside the shacet, this will take sometimes to assemble...
This brand quality not as good as other brand like SY/DECOOL/LELE, but still it's photogenic(good on photo).

Ok lets goes to first form(stop stare my snack backthere, it's minee),

See, on photo the truck seems pretty cute..and weird lol (pls be inform, the whells was not moveable).
Ok on 2nd form as Desert Scorpion here he is,

Seee, much better appreance isnt. I think it because his printing black glass on his face, also snipper gun on left hand.

Hmm....with the rest of spare part when figure assemble as figure, I think i can do something to build his truck,

Heaaaaah, did I told you before his foot is flexible because use balljoint build.

Yes, I put an red antena got from angry birds brick hehe, the truck seems even cutier like remote controled truck hehe.

And as you see the red glowing pipe back there...it's an spoiler for next post wehehehe

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