27 August 2016


Box reference no DLP9026

Today Im just going to mall killing time with my friend who sent his motorcycle to workshoop for routine tune up.

Looking some toy store there and there is a set of spider clone (because all the figure in the set contain of spiderman) O.o

Yes from 8 boxes of set contain special equip to be assemble to be 1 giant spider...but Im not interested..spider seems ugly lol.

Oh yea, I didnt really like spiderman brick because the head so plain(no helmet/mask).
But this one just ringing the bell for special photo i can set later hehe.

Ok unboxing timee(while ma friend finish his meal),

Material quality good and shiny I like it.  but the web equipment seems weird...
just a short assembling and here the final pose,

Acceptable..but still I think there must be something on his plain head lol.

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