02 September 2016


Box reference Lele 79295

Another day visiting local toy store which ussually I buy toy for my wife and kids, found this series.

When checking on brick rack, ma wife sudenly call me and mention this product.

I hear Lele developer quality is good, I saw there is motorcycle on box preview, so i peek inside and I saw rubber wheel WoooW it must be good. 

But I didnt bring lot of money, so I only take 2 of 8 from this set.

Unboxing time,

As Exptected, there is a lot spare part inside.
Hmmm..motorcycle chasis seems really solid and though..also...shiiiny
Here is the detail,

Oh dont worry beibs, it's almost there just hang on.
final plug aaaand,

Aiyaaa, I need to give light from below to show red part inside fairing.
But in other excuse I will say the dust is to make realistic effect hahaha.

Outdoor shoot without remark just for my loyal visitor hehe,

Javannese heritage will say,
Lha ndi helm'mu nduk??njaluk ditilang po heee??

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