05 July 2018

MG Zaku Shin Matsunaga, lunch meal

Put some batrey on his back seems pretty funny but cool one haha.

bout the lunch meal, it doesnt match with my local tongue, so i mixs ut with coffemix lol.

No watermark, just grab it for your own use

01 July 2018


Not looking for popularity
just self achievement and fun.
So as i expect this kit is really awesome,
especially the axe.
It really plain and ugly, but with cheap modification it really boost up the appreance.
Articulation and poseable are really limited.
But still this kit is really awesome.
Zaku is old mobile which reject for modern upgrade.
cool as is, the white wolf.

No watermark, just enjoy use it for pc or phone wallpaper.

24 June 2018


Im not good at recolour progress, but I want shiny effect on my axe..

Is it possible?
you rate it !


One of most famous one eyed mobile suit
Zaku II
Shin Matsunaga custom

WIP can be found on my IG
Usually im not accept any follow back request since Im limit my friend to be add only 99
So dont hard felling if I'm not follow back your IG hehehe.

The secret of my cool golden shadow photo is in this photo.
Yes, it was only cheap desk lamp, I'm attach lol paper on the upper lamp so the light will not blind me,and the paper reflect yellow dim on the object

Just figure it of from this shoot,