is a dream toys for every boys.

Even cheapest car, if you own yourself, that car is the greatest toys ever, which will bring you everywhere with proud

Here is hall of fame of my toy under my name on license.

Pardon me to encourage you to get something visible and usable

The Owner-> Yes it's Me Me Me

Just to make interior nicer hehe
Add gotenks and sunglasses

The foot
Removing chrome, turn into JDM style
Polishing 2200 cc heart
Clean and tidy
Polishing what you see everytime ride it(ignore the kids bolsters
Add decepticon logo
Volcano attack
Audio system, no need to be tidy, the important is sound quality.
Ever famous as a team.
Wait, what?is it same car? Yes it is, with rain help.

To the right >>>
Headz Up.

Beach Boys.

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