30 September 2016


Box reference Bela 10456

Actually I only need her equipment "camera".
This one a lil rare and difficult to get.

Ok lets peek what part available,

There is so much part inside, and happyliy there is nothing lost there.
An extra part can be rebuild into small totem(but I didnt use it, coz ugly haha).

Assemble and I decide to upgrade her camera into famous equipment named "tongsis".

An there she so happy take an selphie photo with Star Wars rebels transport vessel,


Product list :
Camera : Bela 10456 (Velma)
Ordinary black hand as bracelet
Stick : various stick, this one from Black Widow blue stick

Selphie is very fun activity especially on Indonesia.

So from Velma camera I modified it a bit to be a cool cheap tongsis with very cool effect hahaha.

Here is short step by step progress,

And enjoooy your must have gadget on every ocation lol.

29 September 2016


Product referene Decool 0137

One of coolest vilain over spiderman series stronger, faster, deadly.
Im lucky one can get him because venom is old product and difficult to obtain hehe.

All part available,

The back mechanism divide into 2 part which make them possible to spin.

Here is the assembled Venomous on the bolt field,

I cant find any relation between venom, spider and bolt...just they are same shiny and splendid.

27 September 2016


from SY295 set

Just wandering arround to check situation,

26 September 2016


Box reference LELE 79295

Last figure I buy from that set because his motorcycle seems clasic and cool.

Unboxing time,

LELE quality is good, brick quality not as shiny as SY, but print quality is superb.
Silver colour on the chest is shiny, also silver scratch on the face also shiny.
Rubber whell also soft and stick well on velg.

Complete spare part assemble should appear like this,
Actually photo result is good and the fire exhaust seems realistic.
But in fact I didnt too like it, so here is my MOC(My Own Creation),

I think I need to look for another helmet..I hate his plain head lol

25 September 2016


Ladies vacation on sunday morning.

Pilot:But please..no weapon onboard

23 September 2016


Box reference Xinh223

Not sure from where/what game/movie he come from but a few days ago when I upload mermaid all friend on group encourage me to create MOC(My Own Creation) of poseidon.

But first lets unboxing the product,

Goodprinting, good shape, good pamflet.
I think they put some extra part for additional big plane, but I wont buy other series on the set coz Im not too like it.

Oh ya..the part is a little loose so if you play with them you will find torso can be easily loose.

Ok let assemble it as a mermaid flip,

Hmmm.....I dont know but why he seems a little cute and ...sissy.
How bout you do you fell same like me? or he seems braver than this original foot,

Actually his face really a little sissy with his hair lol.
But the foot help him seems more macho haha.


Product reference POGO MOC WM1

This night I will review super cool bricks which make you cant stop loling arround heheh.

As ussual what part available,

Solid colour, precise part, tight and durable plug, soft fabric cape, and most cool light saber.

So..what the corelation this bricks with the title above?

Just assemble it in a sec and tadaaaaaa,

Happiness is when you show this bricks fella and price writen on internet.
And your friend so surprised with that price you can have it hahaha.

This time one of my friend was lost of his confidence and life spirit.
This photo dedicated for my friend, and all of you who felt boring with life and daily routine.

^^whats that? why that picture so inspiring?
-May the light be with you-
I just want to tell a cup of coffe in the midle of crowd and daily routine will refresh your mind.
Spare 5 minute to leave all crowd behind, jest close you eyes when you drink it, and fell the bitter, the sweet, the foam, the taste.
You will be fell better and ready for the work storm.

Hmm..accidently I trash away the sachet of coffee and I cant find it again...ah whatever,
here is the coffee name "Torabika Capucinno",
One of ma favourite coffee.
-extra choco granule

22 September 2016


Pirate overtaken my corner desk,
Please ignore Robin, he's lost in space and appear on pirate era (is there time machine heree lol ^0^),

14 September 2016



Box reference Sembo SD6201

After keep pirate set brick, I think they need some vessel to pose off.
And check on Hippo Toys store there is cheap models which will fit on my messy desk hehe.

Let see a whole 133 pieces inside,

Oh, btw those orange tool is not include on this set hehe.
You can call me freak, but I do really have fun arranged all parts available before assemble it hehe.

Actually it was my wife who assemble it, Im only help a bit coz not too much time to assemble it lol.

Here is an cool vintage shoot (with watermark off course mwehehehe),

12 September 2016



Today is great day.
Happy Eid-Adha for whom celebrate it 
And happy free monday for me wehehehe.
Just go to local McDonald to cooling down the day and off course shooting this awesome 2 brick queen hehe.

Coz this day is special, all shoot taken in portrait, free to use without watermark.
Enjoooyy :D

10 September 2016


Davy Jones vs Will Turner,
Box reference KSZ515

What use of pirate review if not review famous Davy Jones.
Actually I only order Davy Jones , but he gave me Will turner as bonus wehehe what a luck :D.

Since Will Turner come with no boxs Ill combine it in 1 post.

What part available each of them,

I tell ya, Davy Jones is rare figure since his beard and claw hand was unique and wont found on other brick.

Here is the original price,
replace 3 with e

on screenshoot(its about 100$) wtf

dun worry or jealous, i got it for 1$ only hahahahaha

Here is arranged sketch pose for them for now,
 It was cut scene when Will Turner kill Davy Jones ondeck ship....

Eh..or Jack Sparrow who kill Davy..I totally forgot, just remember in the end story Will Turner own the black pearl and sunk on sea forever....


Box reference KSZ518

Not sure who is him, but Im still review it for my project hehe.
What part available,

Binocular was cool part here, also his tricone have transparent feather.
As Navigator he should on top position to view every corner,

09 September 2016


Box reference KSZ518

Actually Im not too interested with him, since I saw on MyBrickStore Site he have a defect on his beard.

But as I check my self I think I can do something cool to cover the defect. 

Eeehh, but first let see inside the box,
Wooow, his tricone amazingly was TOP quality( shiny, perfect shape and shiny silver printing), also he hold a large cool broadsword.

Ok here is the problem,

The print on his beard was out of range, and visibly ugly
For your reference base colour of his beard was black...so you cant just sand the grey colour....aiyaaa..this is problem..what to do..what to do...
hmm..how about black'in the grey colour(it's logical his beard was on black rite)...
But Im to lazy to go outside and buy a black paint..so ma lil fella here should enough,

Here is the result and final pose,
Voilaaaa, no more defect colour, and he seems braver and ready to swing broadsword than ever 


Box reference KSZ 518

On movie he's ugliest character, but as brick, he's coolest brick with removeable head as seen on movie wkwk.

What inside the box,

Seems all the brick on this set built in pet as accesoris.
What interesting is printed patern on him,

The detail was good, also the green colour make me want to drink green tea latte.
Im prefer to get brick in part like this coz the experience felling assemble it from scratch is unbeatable hehe,

ish ish ish, naughty rat just stole his head shell lol.
chaseee hiimmmm!!!.

 Ahahaha, very nice removable head

08 September 2016


Box reference KSZ518

Best brick in this set (IMHO).
She's the reason I buy the whole set, because legs part appear as mermaid flipper not normal foot like other brick.

What part available?
No Cons, all as expected even better with shiny pearl effect on torso legs, and her angry face.

Curious with her flipper legs?
Shinny flipper nice nicee 
Haill for LEGO.
Haill for KSZ for make her much cheaper than LEGO wehehehe

Blue background really fit on her, she will be oceanic ambasador photography on upcoming project,

She's nice..but beware her song will fooling pirate passing by