24 August 2011


PAYPAL was reliable payment service which allow us to sent and receive from online internet earning.
Non verified member only limited 100$ for receive and sent funds.
We need more than that rite?
Here some quickpoint to verify your paypal without credit card :
1.Upgrade your acount from personal account to premier one
2.Add/edit yoru bank account(pls note that your paypal name and detail should match with  your local bank account andaddress
 *Additional info you should fill is "Bank Code". Indonesian bank code can be found        
  here Indonesian Bank Code
 *Double check for all reuipment and press "Add Bank Account" button.
3.Prepare and  scan your document i/e : ID-card, driving license, your bank account(with
   your name and address match to your ID-card, phone/utility bill(optional).
4.Login to your email you use to register on paypal, and make an email asf :
  -Address : manualverify@paypal.com
  -Subject : PayPal Manual Verification Documents
   -Attach all your scanned document
   -write like this(or with your own language) :

    Dear PayPal Support,

    Hereby i would like to verify my PayPal account without credit card. Within this email,
    I have attach the document needed for the process:
    -Scan of ID-card
    -Scan of Driving license
    -Scan of Bank Account

   If you need anything else for verification process, kindly let me know.

   Thanks and best regards,
   (Your name)

5.In the next 3-5 days your paypal account should verified, and limit transaction will lifted up too 

6.In some case, PayPal support ill call directly to your cellphone number, if you are not
   fluence in english, you can say "Dear Mr/Mrs, i'm not fluence in english, kindly contact
   me through my email address, thanks you"

Good news, i found some tutorial in Indonesian for your ease, check it here Verify PP Indonesian

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  1. mx19dewa@ punyaku pake scan id bank + ktp malah langsung dilimit permanent pake bca pak :mumet