27 September 2012

Time Travel Heroes is Coming

Time Travel Heroes is coming soon with Generous Gift in Closed Beta Test
One more based on Three Kingdoms history game will be released from RenRen Game. Similar theme but different gameplay and style; RenRen Game officially reveals that one more English Web game Time Travel Heroes will be available in October, 2012. It is said that there will be the Closed Beta Test Campaign with generous gift.

Time Travel Heroes is the first history time-travel strategy RPG game which makes multiple players come together for defeating the Chaos caused by Qin Shi Huang.

Our players will travel to the classic scene of Three Kingdoms era, led the heroes jointly combat and cultured the forces of their own party to defeat the enemies and build their own Kingdom. Meanwhile, our players will meet the desire to collect and explore. Moreover the celebrated generals in Three Kingdoms, you can encounter the other generals and players from time-travel. Who will be your friends or foes; all will be mastered in your hands.

Time Travel Heroes is one online MMO game with various gameplay and multiple systems. Our players can enjoy the general plot and rich character development as classic stand-alone RPG. There are 1008 famous generals in the game for you to choose and combine to become the most powerful army. Hundreds of equipments are waited to be updated freely. Rich and colorful combat skills, you will experience the fierce battles with outstanding heroes in the game.

What you wait for? Hurry up to get the keys for exchanging the GiftPack.
You can discover more fun and experience yourself in the game. Welcome to taking part in the Closed Beta Test in October.

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