07 December 2016


Chirrut Îmwe
Product reference PG664

Actually Im really need to stop buying this bricks..many of them I bought but no time to assemble and show it yet lol.
But this is an exception because the appreance was soo cool.

As we know Donnie Yen will cast Chirut Imwee on upcoming Star Wars Rogue One in this month.
This is must have brick and should accompany you when watch Rogue One on theather.

Here is the containing pack,

Some of assemble was tricky, if you want try to yourself pls dont read anymore from this point, here a gift for your landscaped oriented device,

For whom lucky enough to face glitch like me can read below,
For the sarong, place the fabric like this one,
Flip the right one first then the left one, so the pattern will blended,

Next one is the horned blaster..this is wrong way but can be used for alternate decoration,
When you put silinder part like this, you will end with stuck the brown bullet cant be attached.
So use white part like on the right, cut it on the center, put it on each end part of blaster and brown bullet like this one,

Voilaaa you got longer horned blaster with white tip,
There you are.

Te correct way was just flip the silinder part and put it together like this one(shorter),

For whom read the entire post here a gift for your portraited oriented devices,

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