04 February 2018


Just remember my younger age I do really like to create nokia phone using sysicon app.
You may visit my old wapsite http://7777.wap.sh/.
Oh ya this is my old wapsite on ugly era haha you can visit it and if you have S60V1 handheld you can use icon created by me.
In case in future deleted here is the view on 2018

Enough of intermezo, before I forgot the step again here is ma simple trick to make glassy effect and rounded tip/edge.
1.make new layer to crop the object into square

2.use rounded rectangle tools to give rounded corner

3.create new layer, to adapt rounded corner to object

4.create new layer n use eclipse to give glassy transparent effects

5.after set range area, set opacity to give shiny effects

6.blend all layer

7.you may add drop shadow effects, bevel & emboss effects

8.you may use old winamp pc app to give your mp3 a cover which shown on music player

9.load artwork and press OK

10.You also can use it for icon blog (favico), voilaah

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