19 December 2017


At lassst, my first HG gundam, also my first P-Bandai coming.
Im afraid i got this pre order item on 2018, but gladly I got it by today wehehehe.
A lil expensive but it's ok since I really like it.

No no no, I wont build it in near time, i need to finish my Banshee project first and looking storage for my D-Hell.

Mmmm..but ma hands itchy, so here is what inside the boxes,

 Enough for now, I'll update the result on other post, ciaoo


  1. Replies
    1. thank you for visiting ma odd blog..so quiet here hahaha.

      Fei, try build gundam, you will poisoned in nooo time hahaha

    2. I do build Gundam, but not not as many as bootlego. Gundam is god damm expensive, even for bootleg version.

  2. for high grade class I think bootleg price stil reasonable.

    If you build gundam why dont you post it on blog?i believe your photo shoot is awesome since gundam have more articulation(possible movement) than lego.