29 December 2017


Finally My Banshee project finish and landed successfully at my office desk.
Project start 19.11.17
Project end  29.12.17

Unicorn mode (default),

This MG taller than my very first project Deatch Scythehell,
Im sacrifice banshee shield AE logo for my phone hehe

Here is some progress taken, this is really good gunpla with built in 2 form unicorn and destroy.
I'll update eventually for destroy mode later,
Runner was so fresh orange and glowing bright
 Head skeleton pretty nice
 veerrryyy carefull with this part, you may paint it with gold marker so it wont look like a cheap toys
pretty impressive, like unicorn face with destroy horn so much
 hand part

cockpit and pilot inside
 pilot was so tiny and cute
 look what i told, I broke the horn bracket awwww >.<

right hand railgun canon nice

left hand claw bewaaarree better make it loose before applied.

left claw complete

shoulder left n right..damn the nubmark is visible (use decal to cover it later lol)
hips n skirt, easy peacey no problemo here and nice snap fit 

right and left foot, confusing, but i can make the other without manual
left and right leg (also confusing n hard to transform especially back leg. 

backpack, nice, but damn the mess nubmark appear even marker applied

damn cheap press decal, but from distance wont appear.

All pose, photo angle, and lightning is all right reserved and copyrighted by eddyyu™

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