29 May 2012

pick pic camera

pick pic camera

Shoot and pick your best shot from past and future
Even wonder with HTC One X ability to reord and take phot oin same time?

pick pic camera is a camera app that allow you to record photos right before and right after the moment you pressed the shutter button along with that very moment. You will then be able to pick the best shot among the pictures taken and save it as a still picture.

This app is developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA)

-No more "too late", "too early"
If you have ever missed the chance to shoot the exact moment, this is a camera app you'd want to use. You can use the app just like any other camera app, and it automatically records photos before and after the moment you pressed the shutter button.

-Settings for different target objects
pick pic camera is equipped with various “Image interval” options. For example, the short interval is prepared for shooting quick moving objects such as kids or pets. The long interval is prepared for shooting slower ones such as a group picture.

-Attract attention using Call Out function
When you tap the Call Out button, you will hear sound such as “Say Cheese!” Push the button to make a child look back or to make a crowd smile. The sound can be selected from variety of options, from mechanical sounds to animal sounds. The app comes with 31 preset sounds, and the sound file in your handset can also be used as the call out sound.

-Unique, intuitive, and fun-to-use interface
You can intuitively search for the picture you're looking for by rotating the thumbnails in circle.

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