24 August 2012



Chaos of Three Kingdoms: the first cross-platform strategy MMO game AVAILABLE on Play Store soonly! 

Have you ever thought about playing a MMO game on your phone?
Now exciting news for those of you who expect to extend your battlefield from browser to your Android devices.
Chaos of Three Kingdoms, which is famous among several million players all over the world, becomes the most addictive strategy web game.

It has occupied the top of App Store Charts in several countries, ever since its iOS version was released. And now, the long awaited day is coming by the Android users.

As the first cross-platform strategy game, Chaos of Three Kingdoms makes the “data synchronization between all kinds of devices” come true. Here, you can login with the same account on PC or on your phone to enhance your weapons on bus; upgrade your building before sleeping etc. Chaos of Three Kingdoms makes this MMO game available anytime, anywhere.

The story is based on the fantastic history of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms era. The fantastic style artwork is full of Chinese elements.

Hundreds of epic heroes with various fighting types will join you during the journey of uniting the entire country. With the most advanced PVP system, you can conquer the cities of other players and extend your empire.

All in all, you can experience the chaos of that era and make yourself a lord of war. How to manage to unite the whole? If you are Android user, do not hesitate to download it and try it in person. There are the Gifts for game players; everyone has the chance to get the Gift in the game. Hurry Up to get it and enjoy it.
Official Website: http://en.huayugame.com/tk/

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