08 August 2012

Crystal Hunter

Crystal Hunter

★Game in English★
We also support Korean.
★This Game will support Japanese and Chinese.★

Throw away sword and shield; it's time to pick up a shooting gun!
Thrilling shooting play and RPG full of adventures!
Enjoy definite 3D graphics, simple yet direct controls, and awesome effects.

★ Game features

✔ Thrilling shooting action!
- Simple and dynamic control
- Multiple long distance attacks

✔ A wonderful story and adventure!
- Unlock different areas as the story progresses
- Carry on unique quests in orginal surroundings
- The story will develop differently according to your choices!

✔ Combination of powerful weapons!
- Become the best hunter
- Weapon combination allow you to defeat stronger enemies
- Combine weapons all the way to level 5 and become invincible!

✔ Defend your crystal, no matter what!
- Protect your crystal and get your hands on an awesome prize
- Take out monsters and get items

✔ Various difficulties
- Only the true crystal hunter go for MASTER!


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