12 August 2012

REVIEW OF ACTIVE® Extended - Black

I bought this case from ebay, since no one sold it in Indonesia

Photo and review below, originally produce by my self.
No advertisement purpose, no marketing purpose, no one pay me for write this.

Review :
As reviewed by other user, this case have built in kickstand which not sturdy enough compared with original sturdy kickstand
This case contain 2 removable part, premium well shaped rubber and exo skeleton plate with kickstand.
 This case was easy to apply and remove, but will not detached on drop.

Honesty i didnt fell confidence using this case, because the material was so slipery in hand, but strong material and sturdy exo skeleton make me confidence to drop it over the desk.

Same with pop case, i can easily insert and take it from my tight cotton trousers.

All hole opened perfectly,

*All kind of headphone 3.5 plugged nicely

*USB and original head HTC charger plugged securely

*Volume button have extended rubber which easy to access

*No problem in hole for kickstand

*This case can used both with exo skeleton case or rubber only

*No problem in microphone hole.

i'm giving 4 from 5 star (slippery in hands)

And now for the showcase personally taken by me :)
front view
back view
camera opener
microphone opener
3.5 jack opener and power button
exo skeleton removed
exo skeleton kickstand comparison
exo skeleton kickstand comparison
exo skeleton plate comparison
exo skeleton plate and kickstand comparison
exo skeleton attached
with nano

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