21 August 2016


Box reference lele-79243

Last day goes to toy store to check whether any new brick, but mostly toys seems still same old stock. Just notice new stock Nexo soldier, but I didnt really like medieval series.

But still I check all set..seems weird medieval heroes have rapid bullet gun and weird weapon, until check this one seems pretty cool with red face n cape like Diablo.
Also his spear seems devastated. Ok I take him from store then.

Unboxing timee,

See, checking some part I already can smell awesome part like wing, cape, and spears..hmm I can use it for next project hehe.

Today just go bicycle with ma office collegue to the highland area just to take this Diablo photo..here we go,

One more time,

You know what, I take 2 kind of photo 1 is landscape, 1 is portrait

So I can use it perfectly both on PC wallpaper and Phone wallpaper.

Thats all for now for our new member El-Diablo 

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