31 August 2016


Product reference Pogo 060

Pogo release brick without boxes included, also no assemble instruction (oh well then, any human should able to assemble it without instruction lol).

Even I didnt n not interesting to watch Batman Begin the movie, but on brick mode Scarecrow is damn cool, his face seems really meany and evil hahaha.

All spare part included,

Amazing detail and print, already make me freaked out haha.

He's just elected to be new coffee product Indocaffe white brown sugar,

OMG, so creeeeppyyy, this coffee product will booming because of him, look at his eye, full of evilness and his meany grin.

Here for phone home screen wallpaper(with watermark, coz i like it so much mwehehehe)

You dont need to drink the coffee to stay awake kids, just look into my EYEEESS

INDOCAFE White brown sugar:
-average(not strong, also not thick)

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