19 August 2016


Box reference SY295.

I didnt buy all set of SY295, becasue im not collector. Just buy what i like to buy.

Unboxing timee (i love to say it loudly heheh),

and just aware that brick plate have embossed "SY" logo,

I wonder if i can ask SY authority to make embossed "le*o" logo(if you know what i mean haha).

Ok, and after a while assemble it, here we got something upthere,

Psiuuuuuu......bjub bjub bjub....BLAARR BLAARRR BLAARR, and the enemy base destroyed 

This Red Chiroptera surely eye catching with bloody red colour suit, and homing missile on his back really cool with 180 degress range, can switch to jetpack.

I can say the material, the painting quality, the durability, is really good.
If i didnt mention the brand, i can say to other people that this is real lego toys, and they will belive it.

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