13 October 2016


Mr Dracula Boshi series II
Mrs Dracula Lego series 14

Prepare Hallowen on Oct 31th, here some cool creepy brick for you.

Rare bricks which make me laugh lol, because the price of Mrs dracula(Lego) is almost same with Mr Dracula(Non Lego).

It doesnt important anyway, the fact was both of them was damn awesome and must have hohoho.

Lets follow the story with what part available below,

Mr Dracula on left and Mrs Dracula. Somehow It become cold sudenly here, and my neck become itchy...

Both Mr and Mrs Dracula cape was cool and wont available anywhere(if you need it for MOC or whatever you need just leave a message on MY FB Timeline.

Ok lets assemble it back and make a cool wallpaper for both PC and Phone(note that if you need without watermark I can share to you by request on MY FB Timeline too.

Landscape one,

Pssssstt dont tell anyone, the castle was only my laptop wallpaper hehehe(it was cheap trick lol).

Portrait one, grab it fast,

Oh already dawn, time to sleep everyone 

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