12 October 2016



Actually I have this figure long time ago. But I didnt find good time to assemble it hehe.
Thanks to ma fella who Star Wars freak can explain the short story for me haha.
Here is the link given ba ma friend Edwin watch it first before continue,

Wehehehe awesomee, coolest vilain ever. Thanks even he's silly, but die honourly due to Obi Wan cheating use auto grab gun lol.

Ok, let see what inside,

It must have bricks because it was special edition, unlike normal lego shape.
And he have 4 lightsaber as cool as seen on movie haha.

Let's finish it,

wuehehehehe coooll, sometimes I fell too proud of my self lol.
It was my old android HTC Thunderbolt, I have it on nokia and blackberry era, those android make me as coolest cellphone on that era.

Now he 4 years old and become ugliest cellphone compared to the other sniff sniff..
but thats OK. This cell phone still serve me well, especially with darth vader background hehe.

Command: General Grievous, protect ma cellphone with your with your force!!!

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