17 October 2016


Part of LEGO-Star-Wars-Advent-Calendar-75146

Just saw it on auction store, and just bid as low as possible..cant believe it I get it hahaha.
No specific reason why I want it, just fell it should be cool part to use off.

what inside?

First time I unpack it, I already fell there is something wrong.
Yes it sealed and brand new, also Lego brand..but I just fell something missing.

Here is the preview on Lego site,

Yep I didnt see base plate and the connector to the plane.
Also red transparent part seems useless beacuse wont visible from front.

ah whatever, here is my modification from unused part I have,

Hahah much better now.
Let put it on other bricks,

I just think on star wars movie why all the vilain was superb hahaha

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