01 October 2016


Product reference : LEGO 75078 (yeaaa reaal LEGO weeeeeew)

Just saw on group, someone sell a set of this one with non lego figure for very affordable price I cant denied...

After long time keep it due to work and life crowd finally find a good time to assemble it with ma wife hehe.

Ok what I have here?

You can call me freak, but I really love to set it all part available before assemble it hehe.
Ok now for shooting timeeee...I cant find correct time to show it..so when ma parent in law ask me to accompany them to grocery, I decide to bring them together,

I dont know what you think, but I think this shoot is cool one (even my car roof is dirty).

Boring..boring..boriing waiting too long..but I think I can do something in this bench hehehe,

Yap thats one, it should fit for phone wallpaper hehe.

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