23 October 2016


Product reference Enlighten Series 2/A

Just see new series on group and my eyes goes to chinnese vampir and tedy bear.
After look a bit closer seems nutcracker, and the criminal seems have cool equipment.
They didnt sell it separately, so I have to buy a whole set....oh well then..rare one, new one, and cool one..no reason not to buy it lol.

Ok, here we go for the jumping teror/chinnese vampir part,

The hats is superb quality, printing was good and precision, all part stick fit and tight enough.

Hahaha, scarryy funny like it so much.
Wait wait, another shoot from different angle and with his equipment,

huehehe, nicer look with correct angle.
put it on your previous item(jewel storage/money storage/delicious food), he will keep it from unwanted thief lol
like this one,
In Indonesian -> NYOLONG, BRAKOT!!!

Tips from friend on group : hold your breath near this jumping teror hahahaha

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