01 September 2016


Product reference Pogo 040

When I saw the model's,Im pretty sure she's super photogenic and 1 of my favourite.
I have 2 of her and I think I need 1 more to keep on storage lol.

Here is all part available,
What make her superb is her eyes, hoodie and printed web on arms.

Hmm..let me try something new based from tutorial I saw a fe days ago,

Trataaataaaaaaa, bokeeh effect wahahahaha. Off course it have many cons if you look it closer.

But I wont mention what cons, and it was my first try with limited supporting item and also limited shooter device lol.

An good brick should have portrait mode to be stay on home screen phone so here we go,

Aiya seems it can be better...
But for now I think i have to do something because she soo lonely there...

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