09 September 2016


Box reference KSZ518

Actually Im not too interested with him, since I saw on MyBrickStore Site he have a defect on his beard.

But as I check my self I think I can do something cool to cover the defect. 

Eeehh, but first let see inside the box,
Wooow, his tricone amazingly was TOP quality( shiny, perfect shape and shiny silver printing), also he hold a large cool broadsword.

Ok here is the problem,

The print on his beard was out of range, and visibly ugly
For your reference base colour of his beard was black...so you cant just sand the grey colour....aiyaaa..this is problem..what to do..what to do...
hmm..how about black'in the grey colour(it's logical his beard was on black rite)...
But Im to lazy to go outside and buy a black paint..so ma lil fella here should enough,

Here is the result and final pose,
Voilaaaa, no more defect colour, and he seems braver and ready to swing broadsword than ever 

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