23 September 2016


Product reference POGO MOC WM1

This night I will review super cool bricks which make you cant stop loling arround heheh.

As ussual what part available,

Solid colour, precise part, tight and durable plug, soft fabric cape, and most cool light saber.

So..what the corelation this bricks with the title above?

Just assemble it in a sec and tadaaaaaa,

Happiness is when you show this bricks fella and price writen on internet.
And your friend so surprised with that price you can have it hahaha.

This time one of my friend was lost of his confidence and life spirit.
This photo dedicated for my friend, and all of you who felt boring with life and daily routine.

^^whats that? why that picture so inspiring?
-May the light be with you-
I just want to tell a cup of coffe in the midle of crowd and daily routine will refresh your mind.
Spare 5 minute to leave all crowd behind, jest close you eyes when you drink it, and fell the bitter, the sweet, the foam, the taste.
You will be fell better and ready for the work storm.

Hmm..accidently I trash away the sachet of coffee and I cant find it again...ah whatever,
here is the coffee name "Torabika Capucinno",
One of ma favourite coffee.
-extra choco granule

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