04 September 2016


Box reference K 13022

My wife also got brick fever lately, but she prefer large number of pieces (which Im interested also lol).

I think this product is recomended and awesome since with single price we cant get 3 shape.

An unboxing shoot,

Spare part divide into 3 sachet,with thick manual instruction and sticker.
Colour good, all part precisely, somehow I fell the edge too sharp, also the transparent window got scratch from factory(but fortunately it not visible on photo).

Ok let assemble it. 
About half hour ahead here is the first form,
Moving part :
- 2x upper propeller
- small antena behind front propeller
- pilot left and right door
- container door on behind

Next day we just rebuild 2nd form,

Moving part :
- 1x front propeller
- small antena behind pilot
- access to pilot hands and head.

Night in the same day,

Moving part :
- 2x back propeller
- wing air lef and right pilot
- small antena on the center body.

We have same conclusion that the hovercraft is the difficult one.

My wife almost surrender because that, but I found the trick to make it stick properly, the center body need to be pushed up on front and down on back.

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