23 September 2016


Box reference Xinh223

Not sure from where/what game/movie he come from but a few days ago when I upload mermaid all friend on group encourage me to create MOC(My Own Creation) of poseidon.

But first lets unboxing the product,

Goodprinting, good shape, good pamflet.
I think they put some extra part for additional big plane, but I wont buy other series on the set coz Im not too like it.

Oh ya..the part is a little loose so if you play with them you will find torso can be easily loose.

Ok let assemble it as a mermaid flip,

Hmmm.....I dont know but why he seems a little cute and ...sissy.
How bout you do you fell same like me? or he seems braver than this original foot,

Actually his face really a little sissy with his hair lol.
But the foot help him seems more macho haha.

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