10 September 2016


Davy Jones vs Will Turner,
Box reference KSZ515

What use of pirate review if not review famous Davy Jones.
Actually I only order Davy Jones , but he gave me Will turner as bonus wehehe what a luck :D.

Since Will Turner come with no boxs Ill combine it in 1 post.

What part available each of them,

I tell ya, Davy Jones is rare figure since his beard and claw hand was unique and wont found on other brick.

Here is the original price,
replace 3 with e

on screenshoot(its about 100$) wtf

dun worry or jealous, i got it for 1$ only hahahahaha

Here is arranged sketch pose for them for now,
 It was cut scene when Will Turner kill Davy Jones ondeck ship....

Eh..or Jack Sparrow who kill Davy..I totally forgot, just remember in the end story Will Turner own the black pearl and sunk on sea forever....

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