08 September 2016


Box reference KSZ518

Good movie Pirate of Caribean, also good review by other blog which I follow until now,
MyBrickStore Site

Fortunately friend of mine have it on his own toy store hehe,
8CM Toy Store 

This is 2nd review of KSZ518 set, Famous Capt Jack Sparow added to my collection hehe.
Unboxing timee,

I can say KSZ quality is good, just minor printing accuration.
But from normal vision range it wont be visible,

Tricone superb, but white slayer print seems not too perfect(it's ok I'll repaint it later)
Belt colour have a small glitch too, but as I say, it wont be visible on normal vision range.

Other than that all cool.

Final pose after assemble,
I wonder what is animal come on the pack civet or rat?
But I assume it was golden rat because Jack equipment was knife and flintlock(thats a gun type I just know by now, credit to google hehe)

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