07 September 2016


Box reference SY 281

Since Im in mood of brick, im regulary visit toys store hehehe.
today Im reviewing this cool spiderman alternate form(as known as "hybrid symbiote"(dont ask me, Im blind too about it lol).

The set contains 8 figure on set, but im not too like the other
Actually I have iron spidey and carnage from online piece. But I will review it later since no boxes included.

Ok lets get going to unboxing,

Love the detail, all print is precisely and high quality for toys with price so cheap less than $1 lol.

Oh and mine is issued by "bertoyindo", Im not to like it since bertoyindo was not an producer of this brick, It clearly printed SY on the plate..so..even Shen Yuang was an Le*o plagiator, but at least they use their own material to make the toys.

So after this I will cover bertoyindo logo hehe

Here the detail of spiderman uniform,

Behind spiderman head also web printed, it can be more awesome if SY can print web on left and right head also.

And it was shiny under indoor lightning.

Here is the result of assembled all parts,
It shiny and the claw was so attractive, if we count his hand and foot total he have 8 legged freaks like on movie lol

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